Bölgem Mühendislik: New Member from Turkey

We are very happy that we can present you with another company that trusted our network. Please welcome on board Bölgem Mühendislik from Turkey.

Bölgem Mühendislik has been operating in the service sector in the field of contracting since 2006. Since 2016, it has accelerated its activities in the fields of Manufacturing, Installation, Machine Installation, Maintenance Support Services. At every stage of the project carried out, Bölgem Engineering fulfills the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers, employees, occupational health and safety rules and its obligations to the environment. Bölgem Mühendislik aims to develop and sustain its goal of having a say in its field by constantly renewing itself, using its resources effectively and in a planned manner, and maintaining its desire to grow.

In case of any questions feel free to reach Mr.Yasin Yel https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasin-yel-2250b048/