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Successful Project of our Member TPL: Shipment of Huge Silos

We always are open to share a successful stories and projects of our partners and members. Today we have a look at a project conducted by TPL (Transport & Project Logistics)bv

TPL shipped several huge silos between March-May 2021. Directly by coaster from Pal (Liege Port, Belgium) to Gdańsk (Poland). The largest units were 575 cm He x 550 Wi x 2500 Le and weighted more than 50 tones. Due to their sizes it was impossible to transport it by road.

TPL found an alternative solution. They carefully planned unloading the siloes on the pontoon via the Vistula river in Poland, which was only navigable for a few months.

TPL showed how flexible they are and that there is not a problem that can not be solved!

In case of any questions please contact: Robert Vermetten


New Member from Switzerland: Bauberger AG

The more the merrier, we all know this saying. That’s why we present you a first member from Switzerland! Please welcome: BAUBERGER AG

They have been operating since 1970s. During almost 50 years they gathered international recognition and became one of the best in the business.

Moreover, they master the balancing act between immense sizes, the heaviest weights and the smallest precision work with ease. Precise, fast and safe. In every situation and in every dimension. Worldwide and with Swiss quality.

In case of any further questions please find a LinkedIn profile of BAUBERGER’s CEO, MR. Marcel Bach.


New Member from Belgium: TPL (Transport and Project Logistics)

Please welcome in our GIRN family TPL (Transport & Project Logistics)bv from Antwerp, Belgium!

TPL (Transport & Project Logistics)bv is an integrated operator who use their flexibility to provide better solutions in project forwarding, factory relocation and offering most suitable transport solutions and wooden packing solutions as READYBOX®

TPL is taking care of the knowledge part of global freight forwarding services on a worldwide basis, giving you an edge on competition.
• Readybox® is an integrated designer of wooden packing, using best in class methods and cluster partners to provide best service for Medium sized companies in Europe.
• Readybox® offers always the better suitable solution in wooden packing for intra-company exchanges and protect cargo during storage and transport (all modes).
Special focus to guarantee for protection against corrosion using best in class packing methods according to S.E.I. norms .

📩 Feel free to get in contact via LinkedIn or email:
Mr. Robert Vermetten –
Email –


New Member from Pakistan: Watcon Engineering

Please welcome in our midst WATCON Engineering Lahore .

We have just covered another blank spot on the Global Industrial Relocation Network Map 📌. We are extremely happy that another dismantling company has trusted our services and joined GIRN.

Please fidn a few words from Watcon’s CEO Mr. A. Waheed Khan: 

“WATCON is a young, exciting, fast growing engineering company, which has a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions to the nation’s most difficult technological problems. We love to work on exciting and complex problems that challenge us to bring best out of the top engineering minds. In todays global market place we recognize you have many choices to pick a service provider with all very impressive credentials. I as a CEO ensure you if given an opportunity to serve your needs my organization will strive to create best possible experience for you without a doubt.“  

#IndustrialRelocation #Dismantling #HeavyMachinery


New Member from China: Sinoserv

Good news! For now on we have on board our first member from China! Please welcome SINOSERV!

The potential in Chinese market is enormous. So does Industrial Relocation market gives a lot of possibilities to dismantling companies. That’s why we are very happy that first company from China joined Global Industrial Relocation Network.

SINOSERV is a professional service provider for the installation and relocation of machinery and production equipment, based in Shanghai. They provide turn-key services, including the dismantling, move out, loading/unloading and transport for all kinds of industrial machinery. Moreover, they also provide skilled Technicians as well as tools/equipment according to customers’ requirements and demands.

They often contracts large and complex projects, both locally in China as well as in combination with overseas countries, with their strong network of local, national and international partners.

In case of any questions feel free to reach Mr. Torsten Schermer

#IndsutrialRelocation #Dismantling #HeavyMachinery

Bölgem Mühendislik: New Member from Turkey

We are very happy that we can present you with another company that trusted our network. Please welcome on board Bölgem Mühendislik from Turkey.

Bölgem Mühendislik has been operating in the service sector in the field of contracting since 2006. Since 2016, it has accelerated its activities in the fields of Manufacturing, Installation, Machine Installation, Maintenance Support Services. At every stage of the project carried out, Bölgem Engineering fulfills the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers, employees, occupational health and safety rules and its obligations to the environment. Bölgem Mühendislik aims to develop and sustain its goal of having a say in its field by constantly renewing itself, using its resources effectively and in a planned manner, and maintaining its desire to grow.

In case of any questions feel free to reach Mr.Yasin Yel


Webinar for German Speaking Countries

We are starting a new cycle of webinars.

We would like to invite you to our next webinar. 25th May – We will start a webinar for the German speaking countries.

This time Mr. Bartosz Swiderek and Mr. Jürgen Weyhausen will talk about the global market for Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭

We know the different needs in the different regions, so we decided to do webinars for each region 🌐

If you are interested in joining our webinar, please approach our team:

📩 Josefine




Next Webinar South America
Stay tuned!


New Member from Poland: Relopack Solutions

We are very pleased to welcome our new member from Poland 🇵🇱 today:

Relopack Solutions provides industrial packaging service, but also relocation of machines and the production of export-wooden packaging with IPPC-ISPM 15.

Relopack Solutions packs both at the customer’s site and at theirs, and additionally offers other logistical services.
They carry out their projects in accordance with internationally recognised packaging standards for sea, air and road transport.

There are ready to use 25- and 30-tonne forklifts and 45-tonne reach stackers at the Port of Gdynia in #PackingCentreGdynia, which was founded together with local port operator.
Depending on the type of project, customers can also use handling and storage space for their cargo in other locations.

On a daily basis, they often secure oversized equipment for sea transport at the locations of permanent implementations in Poland and throughout Europe.
Relopack Solutions uses the highest quality packaging materials. All work, carried out with the utmost care, is covered by special insurance.

For further enquiries, please contact Relopack Solutions directly:

▪︎ Krzysztof Maludy

▪︎ Marcin Królski


Trips During Pandemic

International business involves foreign travel. 🌎

The situations with pandemic prevent part of the business trips and also teached us, that not as many travelling is maybe needed like before.. 

What are your experiences with international business travel? 
Do you still travel for meetings or maybe online meetings are the best solution for you? 

We still visit customers/members/potential members around the globe, just on a smaller scale. Experience shows, that real face-to-face-meetings are still much better than video-meetings, especially when you get in contact with somebody, whom you never met before. 

We would appreciate if you share your experience/comments.

Pls do not hesitate also to contact us, when you wish to meet us personally – we can always allocate real meetings in our ongoing travel-plans.


Member Alert: Hess GmbH Joined GIRN

A warm welcome to our new German member: 

As one of the leading service providers in the industry with 40 years of experience, Hess GmbH knows exactly what matters when it comes to business relocations. Depending on the task, individual concepts with transparent and clearly defined processes are developed, including all necessary services at a fixed price and from a single source.

It doesn’t matter whether a complete company is moving or only parts of a machine park are to be relocated. Because with Hess GmbH perfectly coordinated assembly teams and assembly equipment specially designed for machine and plant relocations, they realise company relocations of any size – nationally and internationally.