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The Benefits and Important Factors of Factory Relocation for your Business

Machinery Assembly

In the time when your business is growing, it can also have a great problem, and one of it is an increased demand from customers in your current production facility. In this time, you will most likely need to consider finding a new place.

This could be done by relocating your production plant. Some benefits of plant relocation are more space for the production plant, increased capacity, closer to customers, better infrastructure or tax benefits. The process is not an easy task and it takes a lot of effort and experiences from professionals in the relocation industry. To move such complex machinery at the center of any manufacturing requires great planning and know-how.

It is very important to coordinate such a process, to prevent a delay or miscalculation that can disturb your production time. Therefore we are GIRN, a network where all professionals in the dismantling, installation and machinery moving are connected. Quality and trust are our priorities to provide the best service possible to clients.

Through our network, we are passionate to deliver the benefits for your plant relocation project globally. We are also partnered with other services that complement all relocation projects, such as Logistics companies that are specialized in project cargo, Manpower provider and 3D Scanning. Our goal is to give our members a one-stop-solution for the clients that can boost your job chances and be present in the international market.

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New Member from Belgium: Samoco – Assembly, Disassembly, Maintenance of Factory Installations and Industrial Equipment

Samoco Logo - GIRN - Global Industrial Relocation Network

We are glad to announce that Samoco has joined GIRN as a member from Belgium.

Since 1973, Samoco is a full-service mechanical assembly company with multidisciplinary expertise. Headquartered in the port of Antwerp, Samoco provide a wide range of services to companies in need of technical assistance in the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of factory installations and industrial equipment.

Driven by a client-focus mindset, combined with a skilled, versatile and safety-conscious workforce, is what earns Samoco customer trust. Clients rely on them because they know Samoco continue until the job is done, no matter where or when.

Main services:

  • Equipment Erection
  • Industrial Relocation
  • Port crane services
  • Bundle Extraction

Working in an efficient and result-oriented manner is only possible when you have a dedicated and ambitious team. At Samoco the management team plays an active role in leading the team on a day-to-day basis and, with the support of a workforce of 150 committed and qualified people, Samoco are fully prepared to successfully complete every project we tackle.

Samoco is part of the Sarens Group, being able to count on the equipment, expertise and financial standing of one of the leading heavy lifting companies worldwide.

Welcome to GIRN, Samoco!

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New Partner of GIRN: Noatum Project Cargo from Spain

Another great company has joined GIRN. We are glad to present you Noatum Project Cargo as new partner of GIRN, representing Spain.

Noatum Project Cargo is specialized in project cargo, a leading company in Supply Chain Management with global coverage, specialized in international transport, project leading, logistics and customs and positioned in the top 50 freight forwarders worldwide.

At Noatum Project Cargo, they execute the logistics related to industrial projects and project cargo both oversized and Heavy Lift. Customer satisfaction is of main importance and is gained by carefully planning and performing tasks, keeping high standard levels of professionalism and transparency.

Main services:

  • Transport Engineering
  • Route Studies
  • Door to Door Transportation
  • Customs Consultation
  • Vessel Chartering
  • River Transportation
  • Positioning over Pedestal

Experience, enthusiasm, involvement, and a marked style towards the objective make Noatum Project Cargo a different way to achieve the objective of clients.

Welcome to GIRN, and looking forward to a great success ahead!

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New Partner: Liburnia Maritime Agency – Heavy Lift, Project Cargo Transport & Logistics Company

Plant Relocation chartering - GIRN - Global Industrial Relocation Network

Today we are proud to present you our new partner Liburnia Maritime Agency Ltd., representing Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Liburnia Group is a regional leader in heavy lift & project cargo transport & logistics and was founded in 2004. Delivering a full range of international logistic services in the 17 years of history, they have built a highly trusted brand known and recognized worldwide.

Scope of services:
– Heavy lift and project chartering
– General forwarding
– Port agency
– Technical support

The mission of the company is to provide unique, reliable, flexible, innovative and value-creating transport solutions in field of project & heavy cargo. Their operational excellence is primarily based on our team of experts, proactivity and the engagement in continuous improvement.

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Shipment of 5100 Tons Steel Coils by VPL

Machinery Assembly - GIRN - Global Industrial Relocation Network

Viking Project Logistics has just completed a shipment of 5100 tons of steel coils from China to Turkey and from Turkey to Georgia.

They completed another one project on 14.10.2021.

They chartered a vessel “ASL LISA” from Tianjin to Belde Port, Turkey for 5100 tons steel coils and completed the discharging operation.

They also provided the service of unlashing, warehousing, transit customs clearance , loading into the vessel for delivering to Batumi, Georgia.

Project details:

From : FOB Tianjin

To : Belde Port, Turkey

Gross : 5100 ton

Qtty : 1.183 pcs steel coils

From : CIF Belde Port, Turkey

To : Batumi ,Georgia

Gross : 5100 ton

Qtty : 1.183 pcs steel coils

Shipment of Steel Frame Furnace by VPL

Global Relocation Network - Plant Relocation, Factory Relocation

FOB Tekirdag Port to FOT Kocaeli Job site – 2 x BB + 3 X 40’FR + 2 X 40’HC

Viking Project Logistics has completed another shipment on Saturday, 09.10.2021.

They carried 2 x BB + 3 X 40’FR + 2 X 40’HC of Steel Frame Furnace from FOB Tekisrdag Port to Kocaeli Job site by 5 lowbeds + 2 standard trucks.

Viking Project Logistics has also arranged lashing/securing & tarpaulin operation at the port of Tekirdag due to the damaged tarpaulin of goods.

They moved the Steel frame with dimension 2 pcs – 711,2 x 393,7 x 457,20 – 49100 kgs & 10.5 x 4.6 x 4.2 mt – 18500 kgs from port of Tekirdag to Kocaeli Job site.

The shipment details are as below :

Port of Discharge: FOB Tekirdag

Place of Unloading: Kocaeli,Turkey

Cargo detials:

2 pcs – 711,2 x 393,7 x 457,20 – 49100 kgs

11 pcs – 10.5 x 4.6 x 4.2 mt – 18500 kgs

2 PCS – 10.85 X 3.1 X 2.35 MT – 17500 KGS

2 X 40 HC The cargo was sent us by our India agency.

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Shipment of LNG Tank by VPL

Global Relocation Network - Plant Relocation, Factory Relocation

Shipment of Viking Project Logistics – EXW Orhangazi, Bursa to Nemport, Izmit – 3 x LNG TANK.

VPL has just completed another shipment on last Thursday, 14.10.2021. They carried 3 x LNG Tank from EXW Orhangazi Bursa to Nemport, Izmir by 3 trucks.

As Viking Project Logistics arranged a SPMT with 3 x axles at the factory due to the job site was not suitable to load this OOG/OW tank into the lowbed and they had to arrange a SPMT.

VPL team moved the tank with dimension 30 mt x 4.3 mt x 4.6 – 64 tons from factory area to outside.

When they deliver them to port of Nemport , it will be loaded into the vessel and arrange the lashing/securing operation at the vessel.

The shipment details are as below:

Place of Loading: Exw Orhangazi

Port of Loading: Nemport,Izmir

Cargo details :

11.8 x 2.55 x 3.5 m – 11 Tons  – towable

15.80 m  X 3.10m X 3.40 m – 25.750 kgs – static

30.0 m x 4.3 m x  4.6 m. – 64 Tons  – static

The cargo will be delivered to Casablanca by their Monaco agency.

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New Member: Industrial Relocation Company – Europe Automotive Holding from The Czech Republic

We are proud to announce that EAH – Europe Automotive Holding a.s. from The Czech Republic has joined GIRN.

Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is well known as one of the leading suppliers of industrial installation, relocation, transfer, energy installation and distribution services, not only in The Czech Republic but also throughout the whole European Union.

You can expect a high-quality service from them, as they operate with highly qualified personnel, with a high standard of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), with all certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and exceptions for the transport of standard and oversize loads, including holidays and weekends.

Scope of services:

  • Moving machines
  • Heavy and oversize transportation
  • Installation and technology servicing
  • Media installation
  • Fire safety solutions and insulation
  • Steel constructions

Their long-term goals are a customer-oriented services, continuous development of the company on every aspect, a high standard of safety and the reduction of the environmental burden.

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